As a parent, you want your child’s birthday party to be all they hoped for. When they’re small, you take the reigns and plan it all but as they grow, it is important to let them have an opinion on what they want their party to be. Planning your child’s party with them will be fun for both of you! Birthday celebrations are so much fun! But a lot goes into to bringing your visions to life. From finding the location and making sure you’ve invited all the most important guests to managing a budget and picking a theme, your work is cut out for you. Here are a few tips to take away some of the stress that comes with planning a party.

What is the Budget?

As with any event, setting your budget should be the first step so that you can determine what you are able to afford as you make decisions for the party.

Pick a Theme

It’s easy to fall in love with a theme you’ve found online but it’s important to let your child have a say so on the theme. Remember this party is all about them.

Pick a Date

Your best bet is to have the party on a weekend. Weekend’s are easier for people to plan to be there and you can have the party early in the afternoon to avoid interfering with bed time. Be sure to reach out to the parents of the children your child wants to come.

Where To Celebrate?

Usually parents choose to host their child’s party at home. It’s free and you’ll have plenty of time to set up. However, if your budget allows, consider having the party at a family fun center. These make the party fun for everyone and takes away the stress of hosting the party in your home.

Who Should Be There?

You should ask your child who they want to come to their party. Typically, younger children will want to invite family and classmates. As they grow, the guest list becomes smaller and usually consists of their inner circle of friends.

When to Send Invitations?

Just as you would with an adult party, you should send out invitations to your child’s party at least one month in advance. When making invites, ask the birthday kid what ideas they have and let them help.

Party Activities

You will want to keep all the small party goers entertained throughout the party so it’s important that you plan plenty of activities especially if you’re having the party at home. Need some ideas? A scavenger hunt or ring toss are fun! If the weather permits, set up a sprinkler or rent a bounce house.

Food and Cake for Kids

Interactive food is a fun choice for children plus it doubles as an activity. Let the little guests make their own pizzas or decorate some yummy cookies. Juice and water are good beverage options. Want to be the cool parent on the block? Get some swirly straws. Don’t forget the cake or cupcakes or cookies! Have the cake created by a talented baker who can nail the look of your child’s theme.

Goodie Bags

These don’t have to be a big gift but goodie bags are always a hit with kids. Fill them with candy, bubble, and other cheap trinkets.

How Long Should a Child’s Party Last?

Usually, children’s parties a lot shorter than adult parties. They usual last 2 to 3 hours and tend to be more structured.

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