The most important part of any company is their employees but it’s easy for forget to thank them as everyone is focused on providing great products and services for their customers. Today, employees need more than just their paychecks to stay happy with their jobs. A little employee appreciation can go a long way. The following are some ways you can show your team you appreciate them and have a bunch of fun doing it…

Theme Parties

  • Tropical Theme – Think mini drink umbrellas, shells, and coral. For your tables place brightly colored flowers in a tall vase and wrap it with a bamboo place-mat cut to size. Add lanterns, coconuts, and pineapples to the table for decoration. Order catering and desert in for everyone. Seems like islanders are always cooking pork on a spit so use that as inspiration for mini tacos. Have a wide variety of tropical fruits, tropical cookies/cupcakes. Don’t forget some tropical drinks and make sure to play tropical music.
  • Real World Location Theme – Allow your employees to give you suggestions of their favorite location and draw one. Maybe it will be Mexico, France, Ireland, or Italy. Regional cuisine and decoration is the name of the game here. Cater in the cuisine and desserts of that country or region. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies decorated like the locale will be fun and appreciated.

Award Presentation Party

Keep an eye on your employees and make a note of the time when they do something exceptional. Try to find something positive to say about every employee. Be genuine. Your theme could be glitzy like the Oscars or it could be low-key like a county fair. Give each and every employee an award. For example, give a small trophy with their name and the name of the company on it and a gift card. Just make sure to do what makes your employees feel appreciated since it is a day focusing on them. And remember that it’s not a real party without cakes, cupcakes, and  cookies! 🙂

Food Appreciation Party

Keep it a surprise and on the front of the building hang a sign before your employees arrive that says “Thank You Employees!” In the morning have pastries and a coffee bar. At lunch have a catered lunch. Mid-afternoon you can have a box of branded cake, cupcakes and cookies.

Tours / Activities / Team Building Events

  • Crafts / Classes – How about a baking class? Memorie Makers has baking classes and they are fun and rewarding.
  • A Tour Event – A brewery, a candy factory, or something related to your products or services.
  • An Escape Room – You may have to book the facility for the whole day to let all employees have their chance. Follow it up with treats cakes, cookies, or cupcakes. Have a prize for the groups who do escape.

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