Every baby deserves a celebration, whether they’re being born into a family, carried by a surrogate or lovingly adopted. No matter how baby arrives one thing is for certain: baby showers can be a fun and special way to welcome them into the world and celebrate the parents at the same time. Anyone can be a host, friends, relatives, and even spouses. With this step by step guide for planning a baby shower, you are guaranteed to throw a fun and festive celebration.

Select a Date and Time

Consult with the guest of honor to choose a date and time for the party. You can technically have a baby shower at any point before or after the baby comes. If the shower is going to happen before baby, throwing it about one to two months before baby’s arrival date gives most parents-to-be enough time to sort through the shower gifts, put together anything that comes in multiple pieces like a bassinet or swing, wash any clothes or toys and put everything in its place.

Determine the Guest List and Budget

Traditionally you would invite-only women to a baby shower, from both sides of the family, the mother-to-be’s girlfriends, and of course, the mom-to-be. Ask the mother to be to give you a complete guest list. Have her give you emails and addresses. Your budget will decide your venue and food service. If your budget is for 10 people opposed to 30 people it will make a difference in how much you can splurge on a venue and food.

Choose a Venue

Hosting a shower in your backyard or living room is intimate and less expensive. However, if the guest list is large consider a nearby hotel or party room. The setup catering and cleanup at a hotel will be managed by their staff and of course, this is great if your budget can afford it. Another avenue is a community center room at a condo or apartment complex. You would do all the food and drinks and setup and cleanup but the room usually will hold about 50 people. Parks can be a good option if you are hosting a shower in the summer. You usually need a permit from the local park department.

Send the Invitations

Usually, the invitations are sent six weeks in advance of the shower date. You want your guest to have time to reserve the day, send an RSVP, shop for a gift, and find a sitter if needed.
Registry If there is a baby shower gift registry created by the mom-to-be, it’s a good idea to state where it is in the invitation. Ask the mom-to-be for this information before you finalize the invitation because your guests will be looking for gift ideas.

Plan the Menu and Decor

Add a sense of festivity to the event by choosing a theme. There are no set rules for what to serve at a baby shower. Maybe your theme would be “Peter Rabbit” Baby Shower. or maybe Easy as ABC or All About Daises. Buy your decoration for the theme you choose and coordinate the food to match the theme. An example is, the daisy is easy to replicate in decorations and favors, but not every detail is flower-shaped. Yellow-and-white favors—lollipops, rubber ducks, and paper cones holding penny candy—are just as fitting, while a gingham tablecloth adds to the summery theme. Serve fried chicken strips. small bowls of potato salad.

Don’t Forget Desert… Cake, Cupcakes, and Cookies!

Create custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the special occasion from a bakery who can create baked goods to theme of the party!

Come Up with An Agenda

Create a fun flow that keeps guests entertained and engaged. Celebrate the mother-to-be by keeping her baby shower fun and filled with plenty of activities. There’s a fun idea to complement her baby shower—no matter your chosen theme. Have a timeline, most showers include games, gift opening, eating, and drinking. Once everyone has had time to get to know each other and socialize for maybe 30 minutes then start an activity. On line just put in Baby Shower Games and you will get loads of ideas for fun and activities. Stick to your theme. It would be fun to watch your friends and mother-to-be blindfolded and trying to pin a bow ribbon on Daisy Duck.

Pick a Baby Shower favor

A parting gift is a simple way to say thank you to your guests for attending. Stick to your theme, say you choose a daisy theme, give a daisy candle or daisy cup or maybe daisy earrings. Your gift does not have to be extravagant.

The baby shower you’ll be hosting is a fantastic way of celebrating the new baby and helping to make sure that everything the new baby needs is ready in time for the big day.

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