Whether your ordering a four-tiered wedding cake or a simple smash cake for your little one’s first birthday, all custom cakes begin with basic construction. Prior to deciding how you want it decorated, you should consider the type of cake you want— the flavor, fillings, and icing or frostings. From there, you provide your baker with more detailed information like what occasion it is for, pricing, and placing your order. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect when ordering a custom cake…

Cake Basics 101

The most frequently ordered flavors are chocolate, white, and yellow cakes as these are easier to feed to larger groups. Most people like these three so no matter what the occasion is, you can’t go wrong with a classic. If you want some with a little more pizazz, you might consider red velvet or lemon cake, or maybe add a fruit filling to any flavor.

For icings and frostings, buttercream is simple, inexpensive, and a crowd pleaser. If you want a cake with more details and smooth look, fondant might be a good choice for your cake. Whipped and royal icing are also two good choices for custom cakes although they require special care and storage. A recent trend is a naked care that has little to no icing creating the more rustic look. Depending on your occasion, you might add candy or decorations in or on top of the icing. Some cake decorators use icing or frosting to create decorations and make the cake look good.

You will also choose the shape and size your cake. Most bakers offer a variety of shapes and with plenty of time, can even make a custom shape to suit your needs layered and pillared cakes can add some flair to event. Inspiration for your cake usually comes from the theme of your occasion or the life of the person the cake is celebrating.

Cakes for Special a Occasion

Wedding cakes remain one of the most popular special occasion desserts. The traditional cake cutting ceremony remains a favorite at wedding receptions. Some bride and grooms opt for classic choices, while others have choose more modern designs. You might also notice a small cake for the bridal party or immediate family and a large cake for the rest of the guests. Another tradition is a groom’s cake that reflects his interests or used to be funny. Recently, couples have chosen cupcakes and other personal deserts for their reception as it makes serving the dessert much easier— plus you can dance with a cupcake!

Cakes have been used for baby showers for decades. Today, many people throw gender reveal parties and cakes are being used to make the big announcement. The outside of the cake remains gender neutral or suits the theme of the reveal party, while the inside of the cake is either pink or blue. Gender reveal cakes are the perfect way to surprise everyone.

Birthday cakes are a way to celebrate and have been around for, well, ever. Custom cakes have become more popular in recent years. These are designed to match the personality and interests of the person the cake is being made for. This is why bakers are offering a variety of designs and decorations to pick from— you might keep it simple with a basic “happy birthday” sheet cake or pick a cake with more detail; the choice is yours!

How Much You Should Expect to Spend

There are several factors that go into determine the price of a custom cake. To make the cost more understandable, bakeries will charge the slice. Cakes purchased from stores can range from 40 cents to $2 per slice. Bakeries charge anywhere from $1 a slice to $15 a slice depending on the design of the cake and how much work went into making it. Sometimes, cakes need to be delivered and assembled which often comes with an additional fee that can range from $50 to a couple hundred depending on your event’s proximity to the bakery as well as the work that will go into assembling it at the location. Planning to do a cake tasting? Some bakeries charge per sample, a flat rate, or even in time increments. This is something to ask about before scheduling your tasting. If you are working with a tight budget, there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of your custom cake. Choosing simple types of cake with classic flavors with buttercream icing, and basic shapes are usually cheaper and easy to assemble without help from the baker. You should also take into consideration how you are going to serve and slice the cake. If you order a tiered cake, request that the more decadent layers and decorations are at the top of the cake and leave the bottom simple and easy.

Ordering Your Custom Cake

As you prepare to order you cake, take the time to sit down and make an outline of exactly what you want, beginning with style. You should consider the occasion and decorations you plan to use. Set your budget, read reviews and ask for recommendations, and attend cake tastings. Your budget will help you get a good idea of the size and styles that will be most suitable. Bakeries are often willing to work with you to get a cake that will be within your price range.  If you are ordering a cake for your wedding, think about the colors, venue, and theme first. Then, provide your baker with an estimated number of guests who will eat dessert. If you plan to serve other dessert, mention this to the baker so that you can get an idea of just how much cake you’ll need. You want to make sure that you have enough but ordering too much will cost you more money.

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